Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Name? "LISA, Party of One1"

Let me just take this step by step because the fact that I am even exposing myself with starting this blog has me super excited but am getting so overwhelmed with the million of thoughts running through my head. How do I start this? Where do I begin?! Should I give the low down to my life first? Who will even read this blog?!!! "LISA! Just start writing and edit later" - says me.

This blog is gonna be about a single lady (me), living in LA, writing about the good, the bad, the funny, the stupid, ridiculous, the heartbreaking, reality, adventure being a #partyofONE1.

First of all, these blogs will be written to follow my thoughts, humor and how I talk... I plan to not follow any type of grammar structure... I babble, ramble and just want to write down everything as if you were sitting right next to me having a conversation. Just letting you know...

This could be one of the most epic moments in my life. Friends and family who know me well, the title of my blog brings you no surprise. Yes I am "that girl", always the "party of ONE1". (I have to add the "1" next to "one"- just roll with it... lets brand it. thanx).

What does "party of ONE1" mean? Ok! Well... its hard to give you my life in a nutshell in this one post (love saying "nutshell" - I must say it about 20 times a day... its so fun). I am 30 years old and never been in love. Please don't get all sappy or sad hearing this... It has been my choice, I think? I don't know, we can get to the nitty gritty in another blog post with why and how and for the love of GOD, this is already too much information.

I know that I am happy and have had one heck of a good life. HIGH FIVE! But now... things are changing.

So when I say "that girl" - I mean that I am the friend that hangs with the couples... always the odd number addition, I am the girl that everyone thinks is "gay" because I am always single and alone... that is such bull shit. I am an independent woman, I have worked hard my whole life and have been career driven... what is wrong with that! So what if I am always a "party of ONE1", I love it and always have the best time. I go to the movies, dinner, events, birthdays, trips, vacation, weddings ALONE. I live alone. Lets get into all this in another blog post. (take notes)

So this is me, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, a total KLUTZ, smiling always and attractive. Yes I usually always have my sunglasses on... You gotta own it right?! I am serious! The question that I get about twice a week for the last 5 years of my life and double that most recently is not "WHY" it's "HOW - are you single"?

Listen, I HAVE A LIST OF REASONS! Or maybe they are excuses but really... IT IS SO EFFING  HARD TO DATE IN LOS ANGELES!!! I look forward sharing my personal journal that features my lists I've made over the years that include and answer "WHY, WHERE, HOW ....

So this is me, in action as a #partyofONE1
Was with my friend (not a date, just friend)
I chose this video because, no matter where I go, I get the party started... or end up meeting everyone and making friends. Wanted to show off some insight to my life. Not bad right?! 
(Oh the thought of In N Out sounds good)

I don't wanna leave you hanging but this blog is going to be about dating in LA. My personal life will be displayed to you all. I will even go back and tell you some of the most incredible dates I have ever had to also DATING A LITTLE PERSON! (take notes)

We are going to talk about how my love life is the topic of everyone and anyone that knows me. I love all my friends and family who are always trying to set me up. We will get them to be guest speakers on my blog. We can get some more insight.

The way things happen in my life... seems to be enough reason to write them in a blog!

I really look forward to sharing these adventures with you all.

Well, this is it for now. Just a quick intro. I want to hear your thoughts! Please, especially all you friends and family... I am sure you could throw out some of my past for some ideas for a post.


Thank you!
Party of ONE1

PS. Just a single lady, living in LA, writing about the good, the bad, the funny, the stupid, ridiculous, the heartbreaking, reality, adventure being a #partyofONE1

I am on twitter now @partyofone1 and @lisajammal